Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia

Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia

Canada has announced the imposition of sanctions against 129 individuals and 63 organizations, according to a message posted on the website of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

« We are imposing sanctions on 122 individuals and 13 legal entities, including members of the lower house of the Russian parliament. (…) Sanctions are also being imposed on other individuals, including Russian vice prime ministers, ministers, and employees of the Russian presidential administration.. . » the message says.

In addition, the new package of measures includes « the imposition of sanctions against seven Russian individuals and 50 enterprises associated with the Russian defense industry, including the production of tanks, rockets and other weapons techniques that Russia uses in Ukraine. »

Canada also denies « the export to Russia of a number of chemical elements that are used in electronics, as well as the import of Russian weapons and ammunition… ».

Trudeau additionally announced the decision to transfer four more Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.
Canada will provide four additional Leopard 2 tanks. Thus, in total, Ottawa plans to transfer eight such tanks to Ukraine.

In addition, Canada will send Ukraine an armored recovery vehicle and more than 5,000 155 mm artillery shells.

It is noted that earlier, Ottawa had already sent the first four Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine to Europe: they were delivered to Poland, where Ukrainian tankers will be trained to use such armored vehicles.

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