EU Calls For An End To Violence In The West Bank

EU Calls For An End To Violence In The West Bank

EU: The European Union is deeply concerned about the ongoing increase in violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and calls on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides to reduce dangerous tensions.

« All parties must take immediate action to complete this deadly cycle of violence, stop further loss of life, and confirm that those responsible are held accountable and brought to justice, » a European External Action Service (EBU) spokesman said in a statement in Brussels on Tuesday.
The document refers to the terrorist attacks, which resulted in the death of three Israelis on the West Bank of the Jordan River in recent days.

At the same time, the EU « condemns the outbreak of violence by (Israeli) settlers, in which one Palestinian was killed, several hundred Palestinians were injured, and houses and shops were burned, resulting in the unacceptable destruction of Palestinian property. »

The EBU spokesman said that EU diplomat Josep Borrell contacted the Israeli and Palestinian authorities on Sunday, conveying the EU’s position that « violence and panic must stop, that all civilians must be saved, and that primary measures are needed to de-escalation. »

And The document welcomes the joint communique issued in the Jordanian city of Aqaba, according to which « the Israeli and Palestinian sides agreed to work towards achieving a just and lasting peace while reaffirming the need to de-escalate on the ground and prevent further violence. »

« The EU appreciates the role of Jordan, Egypt, and the United States in facilitating the talks and calls on both sides to honor their commitments, » Brussels said.

Regional media reported that last Sunday in Aqaba, a conference was born between representatives of the Israeli and Palestinian sides, mediated by Jordan, Egypt, and the United States.

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