EU Urges Israel And Palestine To Reduce Tensions

EU Urges Israel And Palestine To Reduce Tensions

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell expressed regret over the death of civilians in the occupied Palestinian territory in Nablus during the military operation of the Israeli security forces and contacted the parties to the confrontation to reduce tension.

« The EU is deeply alarmed by the growing violence in the West Bank. All parties must work to restore calm and reduce tensions in order to avoid further loss of life, » the EU diplomat said in a statement late Wednesday.

The document states that as a result of the raid by the Israeli military and police, « at least 10 Palestinians, including one minor, were killed, and about 100 were injured. »

« The EU deplores the loss of civilian lives and reiterates that the use of force must be proportionate, in full respect of international humanitarian law, and force should only be used as an action of last resort when it is absolutely unavoidable to protect life, » Borrell said in a communique.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel is taking action in case of attacks and rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip in response to the raid by Israeli forces in Nablus, which killed 10 Palestinians.

After the raid, the Israeli police raised their level of readiness throughout the country and increased forces in Jerusalem and the central regions of the country in connection with the possibility of retaliatory strikes.

A senior Israeli security official told the publication that about 100 employees took part in the operation in Nablus. During the raid, Palestinians on motorcycles and cars fired on Israeli forces throughout the city. The source claimed that the Palestinians killed in the clashes were armed.

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