WSJ Announces Tencent Plans To Sell Meta Virtual Reality Helmet To China

WSJ Announces Tencent Plans To Sell Meta Virtual Reality Helmet To China

WSJ: Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. is negotiating with Meta Platforms Inc. to become the exclusive distributor of Quest 2 virtual reality helmets in China, The Wall Street Journal writes, citing informed sources.

WSJ: In addition, the sources say that Tencent wants to distribute Chinese versions of existing video games for the device.

Negotiations started not so long ago and are still at an early stage. In particular, the parties are discussing the processing of user data, macroeconomic conditions in the market, as well as the likelihood that regulators in the United States and China will begin checking partnerships between the two leading IT companies in the two countries.

Quest 2 VR headsets and apps are currently not officially available in China. However, users can buy Parallel Import devices from various online platforms and set them up via VPN.

Facebook has been blocked in China since 2009. However, Meta still operates in the country, in particular by selling ads on the site to Chinese companies.

In a previous post, President Vladimir Putin said in a message to the Federal Assembly that raising capital in high-growth, high-tech businesses on the domestic stock market will be supported by tax incentives for both companies and buyers of such shares.

« Separate solutions are needed to attract capital to fast-growing high-tech businesses. The head of state said they will be supported by the placement of shares on the domestic stock market, including tax incentives, both for companies and buyers of such shares, » the head of state said.

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